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    Who we are? Allgäuvet GmbH is a highly specialized company in the field of animal nutrition and veterinary medicine. The company traces its roots back to the year of 2011 when a group of German veterinarians established a premix plant dedicated for producing Vitamins & Minerals premixes located in Allgäu;


    Our Vision From our point of view that high quality is like a rainbow needs both Sun and Rain to make its color appears, as well as high quality needs both knowledge and technology to be attained. We are focusing on knowledge as we have already acquired the technology.


    Our Values Trustworthy customers' bonds require ethical adherence to laws, people values, and human health respect. Bringing up to date innovative solutions require constant evolution and inspiration.


    Our Concept of premix production is the most important feed supplement to all types of animal production, as it contains more than 20 components, the deficiency of each has an economic cost equals to the cost of not adding most of the other additives and supplements.

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Allgaeu Aquamix Vitamins Minerals Premixes for Aquaculture.

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